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"Exercising is so difficult when you have to and so easy when you want to." ~ Felicity Luckey

Exercise Inspiration

These exercise quotes and pictures with quotes, from our Great Minds Think Fit™ Collection by Felicity Luckey, are worded and created for workout, gym and exercise motivation.

Our wish is that these motivational quotes inspire you to get motivated... and stay motivated... so that you can achieve all of your health, fitness, workout and exercise goals.

This motivational exercise quote #011, from our series of 52 fitness posters with quotes, reads: "Exercising is so difficult when you have to and so easy when you want to." ~ Felicity Luckey

Our motivational exercise quotes on this page include all the aspects of fitness motivation that are necessary for goal achievement and fitness success, including:

  • Attitude
  • Goals
  • Choices
  • Discipline

This series of motivational exercise and workout quotes and motivational fitness tips are available on a wide variety of fitness posters for workout inspiration and exercise motivation.

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Exercise Quotes for Workout and Fitness Motivation

Exercise Attitude Quote #012

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference between fitness success and fitness failure." ~ Felicity Luckey

Exercise Attitude Quote

Attitude makes a big, big difference!

  • Attitude makes a difference between feeling like you have to exercise and feeling like you want to exercise.
  • Attitude makes a difference between making excuses and making time to workout.
  • Attitude makes a difference between talking about working out and working up a sweat.
  • Attitude makes a difference between hitting the snooze button and hitting the gym.

For most of us, working on our attitudes is as important as working on our bodies.

Attitude is a little thing... and yet it makes a big difference between fitness success and fitness failure.

Time to Start Exercising Quote #013

"If you put off starting a fitness routine until the time is right, you'll never reach your fitness goals." ~ Felicity Luckey

Fitness Routine Quote

Q. When is the best time to start your fitness routine?

  • Monday morning?
  • New Year's Day?
  • The beginning of the month?
  • After your vacation?
  • When your guests leave?
  • When you can afford a gym membership?

A. The best time to start a fitness routine is NOW.

If we keep waiting for the perfect time to start working out, or for the ideal time to change our eating habits, we risk procrastinating and waiting for a time that may never come.

We all have busy lives... and there will never be a perfect time to start making the necessary changes that will move us towards reaching our fitness goals.

If you want to achieve your health and fitness goals... start now... because NOW is always the best time to make your health and fitness goals a priority.

Fitness and Hope Quote #014

"When you have fitness goals you have hope and when you have hope you have everything." ~ Felicity Luckey

Fitness Goals and Hope Quote

Fitness goals give you hope...

If you've ever felt apathetic or overwhelmed...

  • because you're out of shape
  • or because you're overweight
  • or because you wish your life were different

... setting fitness goals for yourself can make all the difference in the world.

When we don't have any goals it's often hard for us to imagine a different future... and easy to feel as if there is no hope at all. But when we have clear, well-defined goals, everything changes.

When you have goals, you can imagine the future you are wanting and that you are wishing for... because goals give you hope.

And when you have hope... you have everything.

Fitness Goals Quote #015

"Your fitness goals should be out of reach but never out of sight." ~ Felicity Luckey

Fitness Motivation Quote

Your fitness goals should be out of reach...

When you choose a fitness goal for yourself it's important to focus your energies on a big goal, one that both challenges you and motivates you. Choose a high fitness goal that will stretch your mind and strengthen your body.

... but never out of sight!

Always keep your goal within sight. Maintain a positive, clear image in your mind of you attaining your goal. See yourself successfully reaching your goal... because you want to... and because you're worth it.

And most importantly of all, believe that you can, and will, reach your fitness goal.

Exercise Quote About Choices #016

"Every food and activity choice you make moves you closer to or further from your fitness goals." ~ Felicity Luckey

Activity Choices Quote

Every time we use our hand to reach for something... we are making a choice.

We use the same hand to reach for:

  • the TV remote or our gym shoes
  • a glass of water or a soda
  • an apple or a cookie
  • the snooze button or the light switch

And every food and activity choice we make moves us closer to, or further from, our fitness goals.

Plan Time for Exercise Quote #017

"It takes as much energy to wish yourself fit as it does to plan time for exercise." ~ Felicity Luckey

Time for Exercise

Wishing takes energy...

  • wishing that life were different...
  • wishing that you were in better shape...
  • wishing you had more willpower...
  • wishing that motivation lasted...

... but wishing can be exhausting.

It takes as much energy to wish yourself fit as it does to plan time for exercise... but planning time for exercise will move you closer towards your fitness goals.

Exercise Quote #018

"Setting fitness goals is the first step in changing how you look, think and feel." ~ Felicity Luckey

Setting Fitness Goals

The first step...

Q. What's the first step to take if you want to change how you look, think and feel?

A. Set fitness goals for yourself.

Fitness goals and belief in yourself is the ignition switch that will get you off the sofa and into your gym shoes.

Enthusiasm for Exercise Quote #019

"Act enthusiastic about exercising and you will be enthusiastic." ~ Felicity Luckey

Exercise Enthusiasm

Act enthusiastic about exercising...

We may not always feel like exercising... but if we fake it and act enthusiastic... before long we will actually be enthusiastic!

... and you will be enthusiastic about working out.

Workout Discipline Quote #020

"Discipline is the bridge between your fitness goals and fitness success." ~ Felicity Luckey

Exercise Discipline Quote

There is a bridge waiting for you...

There is a gap, a distance in both space and time, that separates you from where you are right now with your fitness goals... and your future fitness success, where you want to be.

There is a bridge for you to cross that will move you from your fitness goals to your fitness success.

... that bridge... between your fitness goals and your fitness success... is discipline.

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