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Felicity Luckey and Joshua

How Great Minds Think Fit™ All Began:

Hi, thanks for visiting our website and for wanting to know more about me, Felicity Luckey, the person, author and creator of Great Minds Think Fit™.

That's me in the picture above, together with my amazing son Joshua Sage. Josh is my greatest fan, my biggest critic, the center of my universe, and my source of inspiration.

I use the word we throughout this website because Josh contributes to both this website and my success in countless ways. He encourages me, respects the many long hours I devote to my business, and most importantly of all, he makes me want to be all I am capable of being.

My Mom, Clarise, helps me too in ways I am eternally grateful for. She checks my pages for errors, she provides me with feedback and emotional support, and she believes in me. (Thanks Mom, I love you unconditionally too.)

My journey to creating Great Minds Think Fit™ began many years ago, long before we had computers and the internet, and a lifetime before I became a Mom.


I was born June 06, 1967 and started reading almost before I started walking. (Truth: I was a VERY late walker!) I have always loved reading inspirational quotes and sayings. As a child and as a teenager I used to cut the best quotes out of magazines and newspapers to save them for when I needed the inspiration most.

Over the years (this was before the internet made it so easy to find the perfect quote) I bought and read every book of famous quotes that I could find. These inspirational and motivational quotes helped me cope during the challenging times in my life and I am forever grateful to the authors whose words make such a difference. Thank You!


In 2008 I built an inspirational quotes website. Shortly thereafter I had a few very difficult years where my whole life changed. I got divorced, lost my house and became a single Mom. I neglected my site for a long, long time and eventually decided to shut it down. But, my love for all things motivational continued to grow.


In 2009 I started researching and transforming famous quotes, and an idea began for a collection of fitness motivational posters featuring my health, sports and fitness motivational tips and quotes.


After years of work I am now the proud owner and creator of Great Minds Think Fit™, a motivational website and an online poster store with my signature motivational quotes, fitness posters and inspirational gifts. Both my website and my online store continue to expand each month as I have thousands of posters and gifts in the works that will soon be available.

It's exciting and I'm very grateful to be doing something that I'm so very passionate about.

Felicity Luckey - A True Eclectic

Eclectic in my career choices:

In my life I have been a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Agent, Health Food Store Manager, Webmaster, Author and even a Scuba-Diving Instructor.

Eclectic in my travel choices too:

The USA has been home for me since 1991 but I'm originally from Johannesburg, South Africa. I'm a wanderer at heart, always ready to explore this exciting universe that we live in. So far I've traveled to over 30 countries and counting.

I was fortunate to travel abroad dozens of times when I was a child. I am so grateful that my parents saw the world as the best classroom and sacrificed so much so they could make travel a priority for us.

In my early 20's I backpacked alone (sometimes with friends I met along the way) through Europe, including Turkey, Greece and Israel.

In my 30's, when I was still married, I traveled with my hubby and ended up spending almost a year in Thailand.

In 2011, by now a single Mom, I reached the point where I needed to show my son life outside of the USA. I set off with him (he was 9 at the time) on an amazing, life-changing adventure. The two of us backpacked our way through Central America for half a year.

We traveled through Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras... doing our best to learn some Spanish along the way.

During this time I home-schooled Josh and I worked online building my SBI! websites. We traveled with no reservations or particular destinations in mind... and had the most incredible experiences because of our flexibility.

Some people thought I was irresponsible to be traveling alone with my son through 3rd world countries, other people thought I was the best Mom in the world and that my son was the luckiest kid ever. I think I'm the luckiest Mom ever! I knew there was a reason why our last name is Luckey.

We're in Phoenix, Arizona... for now. But not for long! It's a big world out there waiting to be explored. Both Josh and I can't wait!

My Passion and my Mission:

By education I am a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, by nature I am a teacher, by being blessed I am a Mother, but through years of personal development and soul searching I am now following my passion in life.

My Passion and My Mission

My passion is Great Minds Think Fit™. My mission is to be a source of inspiration and motivation.

Thanks for reading about us. We appreciate you!

Felicity Luckey and Josh.

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"When you share fitness motivation, you never know what health and fitness miracle you may inspire in the life of another." ~ Felicity Luckey