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Fitness motivation quotes with pictures are a fun and effective way to motivate yourself to get off the sofa and into your gym shoes.

These fitness quotes, together with pictures, are part of a series of exercise quotes from our Great Minds Think Fit™ fitness poster collection for workout motivation.

Fitness motivation quote #021, seen here on this picture with a cat and a computer monitor, reads: "When your desire to get in shape is strong enough you will appear to possess superhuman willpower to achieve your fitness goals." ~ Felicity Luckey

Whenever you want to get in shape badly enough, you can, and will, find a way to make it happen.

Know why you want to get in shape, believe that you will, and keep a strong image in your mind of you achieving all of your exercise and fitness goals.

Health and Fitness Quote #022

"If you take responsibility for your health, you will develop a desire to accomplish your fitness goals." ~ Felicity Luckey

Health and Fitness Quote

The framed fitness poster in this picture, with an inspirational health and fitness quote, reminds us that our health is our own responsibility and something we too often take for granted.

Fitness Quote #023

"You only reach the fitness goals you aim at. Therefore, you might as well aim at reaching your ultimate fitness goals." ~ Felicity Luckey

Fitness Goals Quote

What are your ultimate fitness goals? We can only reach the goals that we aim at... so don't settle for anything less than your highest fitness goals.

This picture shows an Olympian athlete carrying the torch with a fitness motivation quote on a billboard in the background.

Fitness Success Quote #024

"The level of fitness success that you can conceive and believe, you can achieve." ~ Felicity Luckey

Fitness Success Quote

How fit do you really want to be? What sports or fitness goals do you want to achieve in your life?

If you can imagine it... and believe that it's possible... you can and will achieve it.

The fitness motivation quote above is pictured together with a Mayan Temple, symbolic of greatness and belief.

Inspirational Exercise Quote #025

"Believe you can achieve your fitness goals and you're halfway there." ~ Felicity Luckey

Inspirational Fitness Quote

Sadly, so many of us doubt ourselves. We just don't feel good enough and compare the worst in ourselves with the best in others. We are our own worst enemies. We may have great sports or fitness goals... but a part of us doubts our ability to ever achieve them.

It's so important to believe in yourself, 100%, and to know that you are capable and powerful beyond belief. Because you are!

When you believe that you can achieve your fitness goals... you're halfway there.

Fitness Motivation Quote #026

"The body you get by achieving your fitness goals is as important as the person you become by achieving your goals." ~ Felicity Luckey

Exercise Goals Quote

When you set fitness goals for yourself, and you achieve them, a change occurs within you that is even greater than the visible change in your body. The confidence that you feel, knowing that you alone did what needed to be done to achieve your goals, is priceless.

And that confidence carries over into other areas of your life too. The skills you learn in reaching your fitness goals, like discipline, commitment and focus work equally well for every goal that you set for yourself.

Inner-Beauty and Confidence Quote #027

"It is a terrible thing to dislike what you see in the mirror and have no vision of your strength, inner-beauty and fitness capabilities." ~ Felicity Luckey

Inner-Beauty and Confidence Quote

If you've ever looked in the mirror and disliked what you seen... this inspirational poster, pictured here surrounded by flowers, belongs on your wall or your dresser where you'll see it every day.

You have so much strength and inner-beauty and you are capable of reaching all your fitness goals. Look in the mirror again and see the beauty of you.

Time for Exercise Quote #028

"Think you can find the time to exercise, think you can't; either way you're right." ~ Felicity Luckey

Time to Exercise Quote

We all have the same amount of hours in a day... rich and poor, old and young, athletes and people starting out on their fitness journey. If we want something badly enough... we will always, always find the time for it.

Make you, your fitness goals, and your health a priority in your life... because you can... and because you're worth it.

Fitness and Imagination Quote #029

"To attain your fitness goals, imagination is everything. It is a preview of the body you will have in the future." ~ Felicity Luckey

Imagination Quote

Do you spend time focusing on your flaws and your imperfections in your body. Perhaps it's time to focus on your strengths instead and to imagine how good you'll look and feel when you achieve your fitness goals.

Try not to focus on your flaws but rather see all of your amazing strengths... because the image you hold in your mind is a preview of how you'll look in the future.

Secret to Fitness Success Quote #030

"What some call the secret to fitness success is no more a secret than your willingness to choose life and health." ~ Felicity Luckey

Secret to Fitness Success Quote

Q. What is the secret to fitness success?

A. The secret to fitness success is your willingness to choose life and health.

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"When you share fitness motivation, you never know what health and fitness miracle you may inspire in the life of another." ~ Felicity Luckey