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The fitness motivational quotes and inspirational exercise tips on this page are part of a series of pictures featuring our 52 quotes on posters for fitness, gym, workout and exercise motivation.

Our fitness motivational quotes, exercise posters and inspirational pictures are designed to inspire you and to help you stay motivated, so you can achieve all of your fitness goals... because we all need fitness motivation... and because motivation doesn't last.

The inspirational picture above features fitness quote #031 in a series of 52 fitness motivational quotes by author and poster designer Felicity Luckey. This series of exercise and workout quotes are from our unique collection of fitness motivational posters by Great Minds Think Fit™.

The words in this picture with fitness quote #031 for exercise, gym and workout inspiration read: "Your fitness dreams of yesterday are your fitness hopes of today and the reality of your tomorrow." ~ Felicity Luckey

Workout Success Quote #032

"Positive expectations are important for your fitness success because you tend to get what you expect." ~ Felicity Luckey

Workout Success Quote

Q. Why are positive expectations so important for fitness success?

A. Because we tend to get what we expect in life.

Many of us have made the same New Year's resolutions over and over again, we've joined a gym and started working out regularly, or we've followed a new diet plan, only to have quit too soon.

When you set a new fitness goal for yourself, expect to succeed.

  • See yourself achieving your workout goals.
  • Imagine how you'll look and feel when you achieve your goals.
  • Believe that you will succeed.


Because it is these positive expectations that make all the difference between fitness success and fitness failure... because we really do tend to get what we expect.

Inspirational Exercise Quote #033

"If you paint a picture in your mind of your body in great shape, you put yourself into a condition conducive to achieving your fitness goals." ~ Felicity Luckey

Inspirational Exercise Quote

Paint a picture in your mind of your body in great physical shape...

Rather than looking critically at your body in the mirror and seeing your imperfections and your flaws, see your body in the best physical shape possible. Paint a clear, vivid picture in your mind of how you will look... and move... and feel... when you achieve your health and fitness goals. Hold on to this image and use it every day to imagine yourself having already reached your exercise goals.

It is this positive body image that puts you into the condition conducive to your success.

Motivational Fitness Quote #034

"For fitness success, your desire to succeed should be greater than your fear of failure." ~ Felicity Luckey

Motivational Fitness Quote

Life changes when we change our eating and exercise habits. Not only do our bodies change, but we change too. And change can be scary! Many of us fear change almost as much as we fear failure... because we've all experienced failure in our lives.

Perhaps you've started a workout program in the past only to have quit too soon. Or maybe you've lost weight before only to have "broken your diet" and regained all your weight. These memories create a fear of fitness failure within us.

In order for you to achieve your fitness and exercise goals... motivate yourself every day, so that you really, really want to succeed... and your desire to succeed will become greater than your fear of failure.

One way to motivate yourself is to read fitness motivational quotes each morning and evening... so that you can both get motivated... and stay motivated.

Workout Confidence Quote #035

"Have confidence in your fitness ability, and then be tough enough to follow through until you reach your fitness goals." ~ Felicity Luckey

Workout Confidence Quote

This fitness poster, with motivational fitness quote #036, seen above as a picture in a wise, old book, reminds us how important self-confidence is for our success.

But feeling confident when you're out of shape or overweight can be difficult.

Many of us lack the confidence needed to go for a run, to participate in an exercise class, or to join a gym. And we even doubt our fitness ability.

The trick to feeling more confident?

The trick is to act confident, and by acting confident you'll soon start to feel more confident. This increased self-confidence will give you the necessary motivation and discipline needed to be tough enough to follow through until you achieve your fitness goals.

Exercising and Fitness
Motivational Quote #036

"You are what you repeatedly do.  Exercising is not an act but a daily habit." ~ Felicity Luckey

Exercising Quote

It's the discipline to exercise regularly that helps to shape us; our bodies, our character, and our lives.

When we make eating healthy foods and working out a habit... not a Monday thing, or a sometimes thing, but a regular part of our week... that's when thinking, looking, feeling and being fit becomes a part of who we are.

Because we are what we repeatedly do.

Workout Goals Quote #037

"Fitness success is steady progress towards your fitness goals." ~ Felicity Luckey

Workout Goals Quote

Every food and activity choice that we make moves us closer to, or further from, our fitness goals. As long as we are moving towards our exercise goals, and making steady progress, we are succeeding.

This steady progress that moves us closer to our exercise goals and our dreams... this is fitness success.

Follow Your Dreams Quote #038

"Follow your fitness dreams and you will reach your fitness goals." ~ Felicity Luckey

Follow Your Dreams Quote

Keep dreaming and keep believing! Dreams are so important for our success!

Follow you fitness dreams, never, ever give up... and you will reach your fitness goals.

Inspirational Fitness Quote #039

"It is never too late to set another fitness goal or to dream a new fitness dream." ~ Felicity Luckey

Inspirational Fitness Quote

As long as you're alive... you can always dream a new fitness dream and set a new fitness goal for yourself. You're never too old and it's never too late.

Fitness Motivational Quote #040

"Believe in your fitness dreams and you're halfway to reaching your fitness goals." ~ Felicity Luckey

Inspirational Fitness Quote

Believe in yourself and in your fitness dreams and you can, and will, achieve all of your health, workout and exercise goals.

When you believe in your fitness dreams and goals, when you believe deep down in your soul, you're already halfway there.

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"When you share fitness motivation, you never know what health and fitness miracle you may inspire in the life of another." ~ Felicity Luckey