Motivational Quotes for Runners

"The secret to reaching your running goals is getting started." ~ Felicity Luckey

Quotes for Runners

These motivational quotes for runners are part of a series of 52 running quotes from our Great Minds Think Fit™ running poster collection.

Running quote #041 seen here reads: "The secret to reaching your running goals is getting started." ~ Felicity Luckey

As runners we all need daily running motivation; professional athletes, beginner runners starting out on their new fitness journey, and everyone in between.

We hope our quotes for runners help you find the running motivation you are searching for... today and always... because all runners need motivation... and because motivation doesn't last.

Inspirational Running Quote #042

"You can run, therefore you do." ~ Felicity Luckey

Inspirational Running Quote

Why do you run?

Every runner has their own personal reasons for choosing to run. Some run for fitness and health, others to lose weight, and some to help them reach their highest goals for their chosen sport. But, perhaps the most compelling and inspirational reason to run is because you can.

This running quote speaks of gratitude and appreciation for our bodies, our legs, our lungs and our health. Being able to run is a beautiful gift... never to be taken for granted.

Why do you run?

Because you can!

Running Goals Quote #043

"Running goals help you channel your energy into action." ~ Felicity Luckey

Running Goals Quote

A secret to motivating yourself to get out and run? Running goals!

When you have running goals that motivate you, your goals help you to focus your energy and channel it into action.

Running Success Quote #044

"Running success is steady progress towards your running goals." ~ Felicity Luckey

Running Success Quote

Q. What is running success?

A. Running success is steady progress... one day... one run... at a time, towards your running goals.

Running Inspiration Quote #045

"Your running goals determine how you're going to look and feel." ~ Felicity Luckey

Running Inspiration Quote

Your running goals give you the motivation needed to get you off the sofa and into your running shoes. Steady progress towards your running goals changes how you look, and feel, and think.

Running Motivation Quote #046

"Review your running goals twice every day in order to be focused on achieving them." ~ Felicity Luckey

Running Motivation Quote

To get motivated, we need well-defined running goals. To stay motivated, we need to review our goals every day, twice a day if possible. We recommend writing out your running goals first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Run Today Quote #047

"Run today to move you closer towards your running goals." ~ Felicity Luckey

Run Today Quote

This motivational quote for runners, seen here in a picture of the running poster, is a powerful way to motivate yourself when you don't feel like running ... and are thinking of skipping your run.

Running Success Quote #048

"For running success, your desire to succeed should be greater than your fear of failure." ~ Felicity Luckey.

Running Success Quote

Some runners are afraid of failure.

  • Afraid they won't qualify for a chosen marathon or race.
  • Afraid they won't finish the race.
  • Afraid they'll be one of the last to finish the race.
  • Afraid they'll injure themselves running.
  • Afraid people will laugh at them.
  • Afraid that they are too old to run.

And the list of fears goes on....

For running success, make sure your desire to succeed is greater than any fears you may have, and you will achieve your ultimate running goals.

Running Dreams Quote #049

"Do all you can to make your running dreams come true." ~ Felicity Luckey

Running Dreams Quote

Make you, and your running dreams and goals, a priority in your life.

Believe Quote for Runners #050

"Believe in your running goals and you're halfway there." ~ Felicity Luckey.

Believe Quote for Runners

Believe in yourself. Believe in your running dreams. Believe in your running goals. Believe in your ability to achieve your goals. Believe you can... and you're halfway there.

Happiness Quote #051

"Happiness is not a running goal; it is a by-product of taking care of yourself." ~ Felicity Luckey

Happiness Quote

Running in and of itself cannot make us happy. Happiness is a choice. And happiness is a by-product of taking care of ourselves... which is a choice too.

Quotes for Runners #052

"When we try to run alone we can feel isolated and do so little; together we can achieve our running goals." ~ Felicity Luckey

Quote for Runners

Do you hate running alone? Find a running friend, join a running club or start your own group. Together you'll achieve all your running goals!

Have fun... and remember to enjoy the journey!

Thank you for reading our quotes for runners. We hope they inspire and motivate you to achieve all your fitness and running goals.

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"When you share fitness motivation, you never know what health and fitness miracle you may inspire in the life of another." ~ Felicity Luckey